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January 27, 2016 – In This Issue:
“If it can be written or thought, 
it can be filmed.” Stanley Kubrick
Bling Digital’s lab for Crimson Peak (formerly Haunted Peak) using PreRoll Post.

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Via CreativeCow:
Checksums, Speed, and Acceptable Risk

Workflow Supervisor Kylee Pena knows you need to work fast, but you risk losing your digital negatives and masters forever if you don’t understand how checksums can help protect you. Read more…

Via Premium Beat:
Grading Insights From Pro Colorist Patrick Inhofer

We sat down with pro colorist Patrick Inhofer to discuss his color grading process and how new colorists can jump into the color industry. Read more… 
Via Indie Cinema Academy:
Flexibility in Creating Your Own Light

LED lights are becoming very common on-set because of their low power, low heat, and compact size. One type that is very useful is the ribbon LED, also called LED tape lights or LED strip lights. These come in different colors: Read more… 
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Product Review: PreRoll Post
LTFS Archiving Application for Macintosh or Windows
by David Hague
As many know, I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and have every episode since it started in 1963 burnt to DVD. Actually not quite as the BBC has lost a number of the early ones – the tapes have gone AWOL. From time to time one surfaces in some obscure place with no knowledge of how or when it got there but there are still a dozen or so I believe that are probably gone forever…
It’s therefore a real shame that the new PreRoll Post for Windows (and Macintosh) Imagine Products wasn’t around back then as this would not have transpired. read more…

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