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January 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to 2015! We hope you’ve had a good start to the New Year! We started the year with a bang out in Las Vegas at CES the first week of January and haven’t stopped.

At CES, we teamed with MakerBot to make designing and printing in 3D easier. We’ve also found even more NUKE and MODO experts to bring you tutorial series. Start off the year by brushing up on your NUKE STUDIO or MODO skills!

Our TF Sessions are back. If you missed the opportunity to geek out over our “Creating Sci-Fi with MODO” Session make sure you check out the recording. Finally, we’ve added to our management team – meet our new chief technical officer.

Read more about these hot topics and other exciting news below…


MakerBot Kit for MODO

More than 160,000 attendees. Almost 4,000 exhibitors. More than 20,000 product announcements. 2.06 million net square feet of exhibit space. That, in a nutshell, sums up the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), easily one of THE biggest trade shows in the world. We entered the CES fray this year with our partner, MakerBot, to showcase the next wave of our partnership, the MakerBot Kit for MODO.

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NUKE STUDIO tutorials

If you’re a NUKE STUDIO beginner and looking for a helping hand, check out these new free tutorials from Digital Tutors.

Learn how to start your first project, understand new features and discover proven workflows. We’ve got the first half of the series here. To watch the rest sign up to Digital Tutors and watch them for free here.


Creating Sci-Fi with MODO

We kicked off 2015 with a blockbuster TF Session and geeked out over MODO in Sci-Fi, with concept artist Fred Gambino and CG artist Henning Sanden showcasing their awesome imagery. Don’t worry if you missed it – like always, our TF Sessions are online.

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The Foundry insider

We caught up with our brand new chief technical officer, formerly “Mr. NUKE”, Jon Wadelton to find out what he’s looking forward to working on in 2015 and how he’s finding the transition.

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New MODO training

Coming next week: following on from his popular “Modeling a Product Package” MODO tutorials, we’ve just added a second video from Javis Jones: “Texturing a Product Package”.

This series of eight videos covers essential functionalities including: MODO’s flexible Shader Tree, layering, area lights, environment maps and render passes.

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The Foundry across the globe

We’re covering both ends of the globe in February, with appearances at SolidWorks World in Arizona, US and Pause Fest in Melbourne, Australia.

At SWW you can catch CG artist and engineer Paul McCrorey and The Foundry’s John Bavaresco, showcasing MODO 801, MeshFusion, COLORWAY and the new MakerBot for MODO kit.

Down in Melbourne, we’re taking part in VFX Jam, a huge event and part of the epic nine day Pause Fest. The fest, aimed at students, graduates or hobbyists, is all about networking, prizes and having fun. If you’re in the area, head over!

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“I’ve been using MODO since version 302”

We received a great review from Mark Clarkson at Desktop Engineering. See how he compares 801 to previous releases and the collaboration between MODO and our other products such as MARI.

“I’ve been using MODO since version 302, way back in 2008. Since then, it’s grown from a neat but bare bones polygon modeler to a robust modeling and animation package.”

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That Big Game in America

On Sunday, Feb 1, it’s time for one of the biggest events on TV – the Super Bowl ADS! Ok, we’re sure some people tune in for the actual game, but we’re excited about the line-up of ads – puppies, horses, cars and 007! We love all the previews (hey, when you invest $4m in one ad spot, you want to make the most of it). And The Foundry Fact: Almost every commercial created for the Super Bowl used NUKE! Congratulations to all our clients on massively creative work!

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