COLORWAY 1.2v1 is out now



COLORWAY 1.2v1 out now

What’s new?

· A new Import Dialogue for textures and LKP files

· Colorway now supports grouping of Lights, to allow mass overrides to individual lights for better workflow

· Support for grouping of Parts, essentially enabling designers to treat multiple Parts as one, allowing for wholesale material application

· Support for grouping multiple Looks, with the exporting and rendering of Looks groups

· Improvements to filters, including a new viewport interface and finer slider control

· Texture and image workflow improvements, including color tinting of textures, and drag and drop of images into Colorway, and texture exporting

· Performance and file-format improvements, including Autosaving

· UI improvements throughout the application

· Improved client workflow and import/export with Colorway Presenter

· Improved representation of color throughout the application

Check out the release notes for full details of improvements.

Haven’t got COLORWAY? It’s free until the commercial release, so download it now!

Download COLORWAY 1.2v1 today




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