Hiero and Hieroplayer 1.8


Review, collaborate and conform

Our HIERO products are purpose built multi-shot management tools that support smooth collaborative working, quick production turnaround and delivery.

Which HIERO is right for me?



Desktop review and playback

  • Powerful multi-track review timeline
  • Time saving and familiar editorial toolkit
  • Comprehensive versioning and media management
  • Open & scriptable playback framework




Shot management, conform, edit and review

  • All of HIEROPLAYER’s features PLUS
  • Collaborative and open production workflow
  • Advanced shot management and export functionality
  • Fast and simple conform workflow
  • SDI broadcast monitor support



What’s new in the latest release?

HIERO 1.8 offers a range of user driven new features and improvements to HIERO and HIEROPLAYER, focusing on both interoperability with NUKE and core workflow enhancements.

  • Custom image readers add the ability to use custom image readers built against the standard NUKE API, enabling HIERO and HIEROPLAYER to fall back to custom NUKE readers when dealing with unrecognizable formats.


  • Faster loading of large projects


  • New Quicktime color handling controls improve the way HIERO and HIEROPLAYER handle color when reading quicktime files.


  • New editing audio controls give users access to Per Track and Per Item Volume Controls that enable the individual control of volume on differing tracks and differing items in the timeline within both HIERO and HIEROPLAYER.




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Reasons to buy HIERO

• Makes collaborative working easy by removing complicated, error-prone manual processes, taking the pain out of tracking and shot management and allowing the import of media from a wide range of formats, while saving on valuable disk space

• Speeds up turnaround and safeguards quality through the efficient round-tripping of shots to VFX using the templatebased export system and the delivery of EDLs, XMLs, selects and timeline bakes for later work or delivery

• Lets you take control of projects from one central point, with a dedicated toolkit for versioning and review, plus familiar editing tools accessible directly on the timeline

• Reduces the high costs associated with traditional workflows by freeing up finishing systems for more effective use, cutting in-house infrastructure costs and enabling full pipeline integration through Python scripting


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Reasons to buy HIEROPLAYER

• Get the right results faster by viewing your shots in context with soft-import of all media that NUKE can read, including multi-channel EXRs, with audio for desktop playback

• Edit shots straight on the timeline with a complete set of standard and easy-to-use controls that sit alongside HIERO’s unique multi-tool set

• Save time and stay organised with media management capabilities that let you create your own elements library to organise, sort and tag VFX elements

• Keep on top of reviews by saving out projects for reference or passing back to HIERO, and use shot-tagging to add notes to shots on the timeline


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