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MARI|State of the art 3D painting

MARI is the most fluid and natural way to paint in 3D. It makes life simple for artists by allowing them to paint directly onto 3D models with more time for painting and less time managing technical issues.

Designed to meet the needs of even the most challenging VFX projects, MARI is capable of handling super high-resolution textures and millions of polygons without slowing artists down. MARI interacts well with other pipeline tools and with industry standard Python scripting and a customisable UI artists can work the way they want to.
MARI was the primary 3D paint tool used on 9 of the 10 features shortlisted in the category of ‘Visual Effects’ in the 2013 Oscars(R). These include: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Avengers and Prometheus.

MARI adoption is increasing outside of visual effects too – and with MARI 2.0 it’s become easier than ever to learn and use.

MARI 2.0|The next generation of layers

A familiar way of working
With a new state of the art layer system, MARI is easier to learn and use than ever before. Our development team have spent years talking to and learning from digital painters to make sure it’s a familiar painting experience for the many artists used to working with layer based software.
The new layer system has all the features artists expect from the most advanced layer based workflows available today:

  • Every channel is now a full, non-destructive, layer stack.
  • Shaders now use layered channels to control every aspect of the surface look including diffuse, displacement and specularity.
  • Fully updated .PSD support means MARI 2.0 works seamlessly with Adobe© Photoshop© and other paint software that read industry standard .PSD files.
  • All the control and flexibility artists know and love from 2D painting applications is now available in full 3D, directly on the model.


New features for the next generation
In MARI 2.0 we have not only matched the functionality of the most advanced layer based workflows available today, but taken them to an entirely new level.
The next generation of layers in MARI 2.0 allows artists to work smarter and faster than ever before, bringing the full power of a layer based workflow along with adjustments, procedurals and advanced masking.
Next generation features include:

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Procedural Layers – A powerful procedural engine is built into the heart of the layer stack; offering fluid, GPU accelerated real time procedural noises, patterns, projections and more. Procedural layers mean artists can easily create the look they want, seamlessly blending procedural and painted detail with the same toolkit.

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Mask groups – In MARI 2.0, rather than a single mask per layer, each layer’s mask is a full layer stack in its own right. Artists can use blending, groups, adjustments and procedurals in their masks for a much more flexible, and non-destructive, workflow.

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Shared layers – We don’t think artists should have to waste time keeping track of how and where they have reused layers and masks. MARI 2.0 introduces a unique layer concept, shared layers, to ensure that artists can spend more time painting. A shared layer is one that appears multiple times in the same stack, or is shared between stacks, and is automatically and instantly updated wherever it is used.

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Streamlined layer view – With powerful grouping, tagging and filtering options, the layer view in MARI 2.0 means even highly complex stacks are easy to navigate and control.

What do our customers say about MARI 2.0?
“Mari 2.0 is a major overhaul and The Foundry have really listened to what the community was asking for. The new layer stacking system is very powerful and gives even greater control to the texture artist to be able to create amazing textures all within one package.”
Alwyn Hunt, Texture Artists LinkedIn group moderator & co-founder of the CG Stduent Awards
“This is the version that we have all been patiently waiting for. And I have to say that it has been an absolute joy to work it. Gone are the days of tediously constructing quasi-nondestructive workflows in the previous versions of Mari. With the introduction of the new Layer System, texture painters will be welcomed with a warm feeling of nostalgia from the days of painting in Photoshop and a renewed sense of excitement for the potential of what one will be able to paint non-destructively in Mari 2.0.”
Justin Holt, Lead Texture Artist, Image Engine

“The new layer system in Mari 2.0 enhances the way you can work with masks and adjustment layers and is consistent with what you would find with Photoshop. There is also good compatibility between the two applications making the back and forth easier. A new projection mask system and new caching features to help manage the data on complex assets are great additions to the new version of Mari.”
Jens Kafitz, Senior Texture Artist, Weta Digital


MARI|State of the art 3D painting
MARI is the most fluid and natural way to paint in 3D. It makes life simple for artists by allowing them to paint directly onto 3D models with more time painting and less time managing technical issues.

Reasons to adopt MARI

  • The world’s most advanced layer system means artists can paint faster and with greater control than ever before.
  • Paint in super-high resolution without getting slowed down.
  • What you see is what you render with OpencolourIO based colour management.
  • Is production proven. MARI was the primary 3D paint tool used on 9 of the 10 features shortlisted in the category of ‘Visual Effects’ in the 2013 Oscars(R).These include: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Avengers and Prometheus.

How will MARI help my facility?

  • Speed. Powerful masking, real-time shaders and painting straight onto the 3D model means MARI will keep your artists creating rather than solving technical issues.
  • Floating license options. Cost effective use.
  • Full pipeline integration. Runs on Linux and Windows, and supports Industry standard Python scripting and C API.
  • Massive data handling capabilities. MARI is futureproofed for the increasing demands of the film industry.
  • Save time colour-correcting. Industry standard colour management, OpenColour IO.
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