MARI 1.6 is now live

Mari 1We’re happy to announce MARI 1.6 is now live!

Here are the best bits:
AMD graphics card support. Radeon HD 7850, HD 7950 and FirePro W7000, W8000 and W9000 have been officially tested and added to the Tested Graphics Cards list.

This is a good one – there has never been AMD support before. We know many industries, including Games are working with AMD supported hardware for next generation.
Vector Paint & Inspector tools. Create and easily visualise flow and normal maps.
Vector shading modules. Real-time animated flow visualisation.
New brush cursor options. Display outline of a selected brush for more accurate painting.
Projection Cube and Sphere shader modules. Project captured environments on to geometry.
Updated HSV adjustments. Specify calculations based on HSV or HSL values.
and more..
The flow map functionality was a Customer Dev. Contract for Dreamworks – it’s really great for things like fur and water, you can easily set directions to the flow, and even add glow :).

Find out more and check out the video here:
There is a sales sheet attached which highlights the benefits of MARI for artists and for facilities, as well as what’s new in 1.6
(this has 2012 pricing on right now, I’ll update for new maintenance price on Jan 2nd)

Here’s what Dreamworks said about the release:

“We have been working with The Foundry for the last year to integrate MARI into our production pipeline. MARI 1 .6 is the culmination of this work and now includes a powerful vector painting toolkit allowing us to provide our surfacing artists with an exceptional 3D paint tool. The program was possible because of the close working relationship between The Foundry and DreamWorks Animation where they listened closely to our requirements and delivered a solution that exceeded our expectations.”
Andrew Pearce, Director of Research & Development, DreamWorks Animation SKG

Here’s what Jack said:

really pleased that we’re now able to fully test and qualify
cards from AMD. We’ve been working hard with them to make this
happen and it’s great to have Radeons and FireGL cards as
first class MARI platforms. MARI 1.6 also brings a new, and
unique, toolkit for creating direction based effects directly
on the geometry. Be it fur, feathers, scales or flowing lava,
intuitive flowmap paint and vector tools give artists the
power to nail the look. With new brush-tip preview and
emissive shaders too, this release makes MARI more productive
and accessible than ever.” Jack
Greasley, MARI Product Manager

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