HIEROPLAYER: Powerful playback for VFX artists


HIEROPLAYER is a VFX playback tool built for artists. Complimenting HIERO and integrating with NUKE and the VFX pipeline, HIEROPLAYER gives artists access to the full HIERO project on their VFX workstation, allowing them to view shots in the context of a conformed HIERO timeline and quickly review versions of renders. In addition artists can experience seamless image and audio playback for collaborative VFX work, create ‘scratch edits’ for all HIERO and NUKE formats and even use HIEROPLAYER’s media management capabilities to create an easily accessible element library. Giving artists the power to playback every shot on the timeline, HIEROPLAYER puts VFX work in context.

For the ultimate in speed, efficiency and quality output let HIERO manage your VFX workflow and HIEROPLAYER give your artists more control. Working with NUKE straight out of the box and with Python scripting at its heart, HIEROPLAYER can be deeply integrated into any VFX pipeline.

Silver Bullets:

•  View your shots in context and get the right results faster with soft import of all media that NUKE can read plus audio and play back for individual artists.

•  Work seamlessly with NUKE out of the box with playback of all NUKE image formats, including multichannel EXRs & Audio, letting artists easily send clips back and forth between HIERO and NUKE.

•  Stay organised and save time with media management capabilities that let artists create their own elements library to organise, sort and tag their VFX elements.

•  Keep on top of reviews by saving out projects for reference or passing back to HIERO and use shot tagging to add notes to shots on the timeline.

•  Enhance your workflow and integrate HIREOPLAYER into your pipeline via Python scripting.

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