HIERO: The New Shot Management, Conform and Review Timeline for VFX

HIERO 1.5 now available on all three platforms with new user-requested feature additions: Broadcast monitor out, multi-channel image support and playback support for ARRIRAW.

HIERO 1.5 New Features:

•  Windows OS Support – Run HIERO on any platform, now available for Windows, OSX and Linux.

•  Broadcast Monitor Out – Accurately check colour space and aspect ratios on broadcast content during review on compatible Blackmagic and AJA SDI-Out Hardware.

•  Multi-Channel Image Support – View the complete set of image layers of multi-channel EXR’s, just like in NUKE.

•  Playback support for ARRIRAW – Edit directly with raw footage or transcode out to other image formats using HIERO’s export system

HIERO: The new shot management, conform and review timeline for VFX from The Foundry. HIERO improves facility efficiency and shot throughput volume by providing ‘missing link’ functionality that lets you use your finishing systems for what they’re good at. With HIERO you can easily parcel out VFX shots to NUKE, switch shot versions for review within the context of the edit, and remove complicated error prone manual processes.

HIERO is a pipeline scriptable shot management tool, built to save time in conform, maintain an up to date timeline, look at shots in context and standardize colour management. The VFX workflow tool you’ve been waiting for; minimise everyday complications and maximise your potential with HIERO.

Silver Bullets:

•  Easily offload VFX heavy shots from your finishing system to NUKE then review and version the results within the context of the edit.

•  Use your finishing system to do just that. Deliver your reconformed timeline and completed shots to your tool of choice

•  Significantly reduce the maintenance required to keep your VFX team up and running with pain free distribution, reviewing and shot management.

•  Track and manage shots & NUKE scripts on your SAN/NAS without pain, saving disk space in the process. Create per shot NUKE scripts for easy shot allocation and result management.

•  Conform on a tool built for the job. Fix common issues across multiple shots with ease using HIERO’s session-wide spreadsheet view.

•  HIERO is an open platform, which can be customised and integrated into your pipeline via templating and industry standard scripting support.

•  HIERO can deliver baked timelines in your preferred formats, EDLs/XMLs referencing a mixture of completed VFX footage and source material, plus footage selects and transcodes. Copy/sym linking of per shot assets into your facility structure.

•  HIERO provides a collaborative NUKE workflow ‘out of the box’ so you can produce visual effects shots faster and more efficiently than ever before.


“HIERO has the potential to make Nuke a true stand alone product, and move it up to a level where you can complete projects completely independently in a commercials environment. Everyone wants to see this happen.”

Ludo Fealy, VFX Supervisor, MPC.

“We love the shot and colour space management advantages that using NUKE and HIERO together bring. Before adding NUKE and HIERO to our pipeline we were conforming in Baselight and passing EDL’s out to Flame, NUKE and HIERO offer an alterative to this process that gives us greater flexibility. HIERO now acts as our online editor, and with both NUKE and HIERO in our pipeline we have a more accessible, collaborative approach, which is faster and more cost effective, and best of all lets us take on even more projects. For us NUKE and HIERO offer a new way of working that we see as the foundation of our pipeline for the future.”

Heino Henning, Creative Director, Searle Street Post.

“HIERO has been a real time saver for us. Before, with file based workflows the DI house would conform and generate our VFX plates. Now, with the addition of HIERO into our pipeline we have a wonderful tool to quickly handle these requests ourselves. We also use HIERO for our spotting sessions and dailies. This allows us to easily review, tag, and comment and generally turn around revisions faster. It’s even opened up the possibility of moving to a more collaborative compositing process built around NUKE.”

Steven Ilous, VFX Supervisor / Writer / Director, SMI Entertainment Inc.

“We see HIERO as the heart of our VFX pipeline. In the past we’ve spent a lot of time passing incoming material out to our artists and collecting their output for client previews and deliveries. This was a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process that will now be eased by HIERO. The huge flexibility of python API, amongst other things, is a Technical Director’s dream. We hope that the good base of conform and data handling of this first version will continue to be enlarged and improved to production needs.”

Joerg Bruemmer, Comp / VFX Supervisor // Managing Partner, Gradient Effects & Animation

GmbH & Co. KG

“In the NUKE department at The Mill HIERO seemed a natural choice to fill the pipeline gap that we were bridging using in-house scripting and third party software. Using HIERO and NUKEX together is the perfect solution for us. With these tools we save time and money on our pipeline, leaving the artists more time to be creative and not be delayed by the technical part of the process. This means our productions get better, faster and more collaborative”.

Hugo Guerra, Joint Head of NUKE compositing, The Mill.

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