Avid RED AMA Workflow

For those of you working with RED files, here’s a simple way to ingest, edit and online your footage in Avid MC 5.5 and up.

1. Link with AMA Volume all your RED footage, according to your AMA settings.

2. Set your Debayering option through Media Tool, to a low resolution (fourth or even lower) for fast Transcoding.

3. Set your Source Settings and configure the R3D look you want.

4. Transcode the footage to any codec you want, preferably a DNxHD. Make sure your project frame rate is the same as the Red Files.

5. Move the transcoded files to another Bin or Bins and close the Bins that contain the AMA files.

6. Start editing with the Transcoded material.

7. When you are ready to send the AAF file for conform to a High End Finishing system, copy the Sequence to a separate Bin.

8. Close the Bins that contain the Transcoded material.

9. Open all the Bins that contain the original AMA Red Files.

10. Select all the AMA files.

11. Select the Sequence with the finished edit, LAST.

12. Select “Clip->Relink”.

13. Check the following checkboxes:

  • Selected items in ALL open bins
  • Relink By: Start Timecode and Tape
  • Allow relinking of imported/AMA clips by source name
  • Create new Sequence

Leave everything else unchecked.

14. Click OK and a new Sequence will be created with all the AMA files relinked.

15. Export an AAF from this sequence, using the settings your finishing software requires and you are done!



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